Dr. Charles Lugero practicing Cardiology in Hamilton Ontario Canada. Dr. Lugero now supports the work at the Uganda Heart Institute at Mulago Hospital in Uganda

The International Outreach Program was started by the Sisters of Saint Joseph in 1986. During our history we have provided education and medical supplies to Israel, Yemen, Russia, Jamaica, Sudan, Romania, Uganda, Guyana, Philippines, South Sudan, Namibia and Zambia. Yemen, Russia, Dominican.

Currently, we help improve healthcare in developing countries by providing advanced specialty training for their doctors, here in Canada. When they return to their home communities, they share the knowledge and skills they acquired in Canada with their colleagues, medical students and patients. We have trained more than 130 physicians from around the world.

Many international training programs rely on physician observation to teach healthcare professionals. Our training is unique because our international physicians are licensed to practice while in Canada. The ability to practice their skills promotes learning and competence for the ultimate healthcare learning experience while in Canada.

Dr. Joel Hamstra in Hamilton Ontario, providing anaesthesia training to an Anesthesia Resident from Guyana