Our Partners

Without our Partners, the International Outreach Program could not exist.

The St. Joseph’s Health System

The St. Joseph’s Health System donates funding to sponsor our trainees and provides oversight for all aspects of the International Outreach Program operations and performance. The Mission and Vision of the St. Joseph’s Health System aligns perfectly with that of the IOP.

McMaster University

McMaster University Medical School is a world-renowned organization that we are fortunate to call a partner. Specific McMaster University Medical School Specialty programs donate funding to sponsor our trainees. The Post Graduate Medical Education Department of the Medical School provides guidance for our trainees to ensure all legislative requirements will be met during their clinical experience in Canada. Our colleagues at McMaster oversee the clinical training experience for which our trainees are enrolled.

Diocese of Hamilton

The Diocese of Hamilton has provided funding for our programs in Haiti and generously provides some of our accommodations for our trainees while learning at the various hospitals in Hamilton, Ontario.