Qualifications for training eligibility vary slightly, depending on the country of origin for each learner/trainee. Applicants must possess a medical degree from an accredited medical school listed in the current Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). They must also either be enrolled in a postgraduate training program or completed one with appropriate clinical training experience in their home country. Applicants should be proficient in English Language in both written and verbal form to communicate effectively with health professionals and patients in Canada .

The application will be for a 3 month elective Resident training experience or a 9-12 month Fellowship training experience.

To apply for a 3 month elective, resident should currently be enrolled in a postgraduate training program .To apply for a fellowship , applicant should have successfully completed their postgraduate training and successfully achieved the appropriate certification. 

Graduates of our IOP return to their communities and positively impact the way that healthcare is provided in their country. They use the knowledge and skills acquired in Canada to become healthcare leaders in their communities in many ways.  They train future doctors and healthcare professionals, they teach in the university medical schools, they embark on research studies,  they facilitate progress and change in the hospitals and they engage their patients in their healthcare journey.