Dr. Zara Khalid

Dr. Khalid is an internal medicine specialist at St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton. She visits Guyana at least four times per year, providing advanced medical education to our colleagues in Georgetown, Guyana. Dr. Khalid identifies and meets with potential physician trainees while in Guyana, and remotely when in Canada and assists with the trainee/learner selection and approval process.

Dr Khalid has worked in various international sites including Peru,Namibia, Cambodia , Uganda and Guyana advancing postgraduate medical education. In Guyana., she was program director for the internal medicine program and helped establish the program to graduate the first locally trained internists in the country . She has also established telemedicine for continuing medical education for physicians working in the remote regions of Guyana. In her role as mentor to the graduates of the program. we are working on sustainable models of care in resource limited settings

Associate Professor, Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University 

General Internal Medicine Residency Program Director