First Aortic Aneurysm Repair in Guyana

Graduates of our IOP return to their communities and positively impact the way that healthcare is provided in their country. They use the knowledge and skills acquired in Canada to become healthcare leaders in their communities in many ways. They train future doctors and healthcare professionals, they teach in the university medical schools, they embark on research studies, they facilitate progress and change in the hospitals and they engage their patients in their healthcare journey.
The first surgical repair of an abdominal aortic aneurysm was completed at the Georgetown Hospital in Guyana by Dr. Carlos Martin within months of his return to Guyana after spending a year in Canada honing his cardiovascular surgery skills.

Orthopedic Care in South Sudan

Dr. Brian Madison, from South Sudan, a recent graduate of the IOP (Orthopedic Trauma Fellowship) has returned to South Sudan to practice all he learned in Hamilton under the tutelage of Dr. Brad Petrisor at Hamilton Health Sciences. He and his colleagues established an Orthopaedic Society in South Sudan and Brian was elected as president of the Society. The society was inaugurated on the 28th of August and conducted an outreach surgical camp in a military hospital in Juba (see video). Brian has accomplished so much since his return to his homeland and this validates the positive global impact that the IOP can have.

How the IOP Built the Warehouse at Centre Medical Baraca, Haiti

Equipment shipment to Haiti
Donations of PPE sent to Uganda